tips to protect your business against attacks Ransom

The violation of the most daring security. The vicious hackers. Ultimatum followed by a critical time to rescue. It seems the plot to Liam Neeson next film. But we do have a very real threat that every time you plop your behind his desk and start your computer. Who knew your work could offer as much intrigue?

This threat is known as ransomware. It is a kind of flying crap software that cybercriminals use your company’s data and basically held him hostage until you fork over the ransom to return. He underwent a series of name, you must remember, the Crypto virus Locker acquired last year, followed by independent CryptoWall recently appeared in the version “3.0″ after hearing a brief period of silence. Whatever form they take, Ransom, absolutely frightening impact on the operations of the company.

tips to protect your business against attacks RansomSince this type of malware, ransomware is usually spread through attachments disguised, interacting with sites that are affected or infected by a computer program. Once you hit your computer or network, files are encrypted so that they are almost useless. Once the system has been compromised, the general message to inform you that your data can be lost and will not be restored until a ransom is paid.

Often malware acts as a message from the FBI indicating that the user performs a kind of illegal operation and must pay a fine to recover the data. This statement is absurd, of course; No law enforcement agency authorized to do business that way. But official correspondence observation is sufficient to generate a percentage of the victims, payable locally. Even if you pay the ransom, it is certainly no guarantee that your data will be returned. We deal with cyberspace junk after all.

It seems that these cyber threats here to stay, so it is important for companies to take concrete steps to protect themselves. With that in mind, here are six important tips to protect your valuable data against abducted by ransomware.

tips to protect your business against attacks Ransom1. Back up your data!

It can not be underestimated. Make sure your files are stored and saved behind the secure desktop. A simple step is to save the file to a network folder or an external hard drive is easy. Make sure the disk is not connected to the workstation are vulnerable to attacks as well.

For businesses, even if they remain safe, it is not enough. It’s time to …

tips to protect your business against attacks Ransom2. Embrace the Cloud

As you another reason for the cloud had your business look, here we have another. Backup your files to the cloud provider is the ideal solution to fight against the threat of ransomware. Vendors to store your data on their servers in a secure data center. You can download files anytime from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. The qualified IT providers made the security of their own to ensure that the data is correctly and safely copied.

They also continue to remind the threats to your system to be first. It starts with smart choices, for example …

tips to protect your business against attacks Ransom3. DO NOT Open Attachments if you Don’t Know the Source       

Did you read? Well, now, look at the line and read it again. It must be very clear on this point, but it still happens. The most common type of malware to infect the network, as download attachments in email. Sometimes masked as an important message, voice mail, fax, or even a joke. If you decide to get a file from someone you do not know to open a joke for you may be in the form of a letter of resignation. Tell them if confirmation of perfectly legitimate thought of opening. Once you do this, it is usually too late to go back.

Therefore, it is very important for a company, …

tips to protect your business against attacks Ransom4. Teach Your Employees How to be Vigilant

It is a simple thing, but today is often overlooked: Talk to people who work for your company, and show how they are (and society) protect while protecting online. Let’s see what we spoke of teaching, such as viruses and malware can be a network, and show you exactly what it can cause a stroke damage.

Make sure they know to view and download from sites that are reliable and not unconscious banners or other connections, what they are and what to click. When someone starts downloading official warning appears on the software for your system updated, to ensure they do when they do not know that this is true.

It seems SD? Of course there is not. But the company fails to take or leave anything to chance. Teach your employees how to exercise and make sure they understand that they are responsible for supervision to safe computing. Even better, take more choices of hand …

tips to protect your business against attacks Ransom5. Content Filtering

No matter how you educate employees, there is always the possibility that they still participate online behaviors are likely to leave the company; in some cases, not at random (security threat possible to become disgruntled employees). In other words, it is a good idea to develop a robust content filtering system to keep people on the right path. Next time you’ll not only wasted is too low, you can also take steps to protect corporate data.

A qualified IT service provider can work with you to create a content filtering solution that works best for you and your business. For example, even if you do not want employees to restrict access completely to certain websites, we can offer solutions, it is limited when setting interaction. Thus employees can go up, but do not want to share, comment or download.

Thus, employee surveillance is important, but you also …

6. Use protection

It is important to ensure that all anti-virus software you date virus was created. And liberation of the community, they can slip past antivirus software “patch” to ensure that the virus fight. It’s like an endless game between the virus creators and virus hunter. This threat, which has not yet experienced an anti-virus software, known as zero-day viruses, and leave the system vulnerable until patches are made and implemented. Some modern browsers have add-ons, Ransom effectively fight its automatic execution.

tips to protect your business against attacks RansomThis is another reason, a partnership with a cloud-quality supplier. If you work with the supplier, make sure that the security measures you updated correctly, so you always have the latest security updates instead of protecting your company’s valuable data. SonicWALL technology, through many IT services on offer is as good as it gets when it comes to safe and reliable business information.


If ransomware infects your organization’s network, the debilitating effects. By integrating the initiative a little common sense and proactive steps, you can add your business to minimize risk. Your best defense is to simply left to professionals. Qualified services and renowned suppliers can through malware minefield to ensure that your organization is to work as safely as possible at a price within your budget.

Hopefully your organization has taken appropriate action to stay protected from ransomware and other potential threats. Once your network is infected, it is too late. If the workstations are infected, the Internet switch as quickly as possible peripheral storage devices and skilled IT services fast divorce as soon as possible.

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