The concept of cloud computing and its benefits

The concept of cloud computing and its benefitsCloud computing refers to storing the concept of using a network of remote servers, manage, share, access to the process, only one local server or personal computer to deal with the same purpose and manipulate data and no. The connection is established to a remote server on the Internet.

Front-end and back-end Cloud computing: A cloud computing system can be divided essentially into two areas. Both are on the road network, the Internet. Front end is what the user sees, and the rear is a system of “cloud.” So the end client computer before and that should enable cloud computing applications, while the back has a cloud computing service, such as servers and storage devices, in turn, access the host and the specific data application. Traffic monitoring and management of a central server, which is controlled in turn is controlled by a protocol and specific parameters based security.

Effects and cloud computing application varies slightly between the pure model based business models and fresh consumption. For companies, models such as Software as a Service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service reach (IaaS). Again, there are different deployment models such as public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds.

The concept of cloud computing and its benefitsThe main advantages of cloud computing to the enterprise are:

• When using a service based on the cloud, companies can save on physical infrastructure, such as servers and other hardware, which in turn depreciation of assets.

• There is a significant cost advantage because more computing resources as a utility like electricity to be paid according to the amount used.

• There is a significant reduction in the workforce, as the demand for skilled IT staff is reduced.

• The data and services can be accessed from anywhere in the world. As a common platform are simply furnished, although the extension of its activities worldwide.

• It is easy to change the size and operation of descent, depending on business needs.

• Because the system is centralized, easy to use install software updates for performance monitoring and other functions.

Cloud computing allows companies of all sizes to maintain a regular flow without qualification handcuffs or computer resource requirements and other IT-related limitations. In addition, some of the most admired companies in the world, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer a choice of hosting and cloud computing are very good and the software for every need.

Many companies have realized the benefits of moving to a system based on a cloud and it will be interesting to see the evolution of technology and other aspects in this area in the near future.

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