Stay Organized Wherever You Are With Cloop

Do you often find difficulty every time you want to use your headphones due to cable clutter? Well, cable clutter is one common problem experienced by lots of people these days. It usually happens because users just put it away once they have finished using it. In fact, this condition is advantageous. Cable clutter forbids you from being able to use your headphones or smart phone charger instantly when you need it. You must firstly untangle it before being able to use it. This will not only waste your time but also show that you are an unorganized person.

Thankfully, there is Cloop – Your Handy Magnetic Cable Keeper now. This product is definitely a perfect solution to stay organized wherever you are. Whether you are at home, at office, or while on the go, you no longer need to worry about cable clutter. Basically, this product is a reusable magnetic cable tie that can keep small cables and cords neat. You just need to tie your cable or cord using this magnetic tie once you have finished using your headphones and smart phone chargers. This enables you to place the cable or cord easily. Whether you want to put it in your drawer, bag, or car, you can do it without worries. The tied cable also enables you to use your headphones or chargers fast as you do not need to untangled it. The cable is always ready to use.

Since Cloop is available in two different sizes, it offers a solution for everyone. You can use small size product for small cables and large size product for small to medium cables. Available in three different colors, black, white and red, Cloop allows you to tie your cables or cords in style. Therefore, if you feel the need to stay organized wherever you are, you had better use Cloop.

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