Output wear for Android devices update

Output wear for Android devices updateWell, that’s no reason to complain, but it’s time to take the future in the wrist and walk towards him with nothing but hope in our hearts. If the instructions are not smooth enough, we need to discuss is the latest accessory for the smart technology that we need as a way to have learned to love smart watches. But exactly what should be seen as a “smart”? I remember a few years ago, Casio has released a series of talking watches, the carrier reported only one push of a button, it may be time. Mount the category of “SmartWatch”? Fortunately not. Maybe if these watches can text, send phone calls, e-mail, follow our health or even to count our steps will be included in the group. Beyond that, though, let’s take a look at what happened to us in the way of the latest news from SmartWatch fun.

As we all know, and perhaps practical experience is the Android platform slowly eating our world stuffed wrapped technology. The latest addition to the list is endless Android TV (but that’s for another day). If Google not only infect mobile phone meet their magic, she turned to look and create some of the best facilities in the world is likely to see for many years; Smart watches. Android Wear suitable named for obvious reasons, smart watches began to appear around the world through different brands of smartphones. Bring to Android update now gives this watch a reform like never before.

Output wear for Android devices updateInitially, when introduced to the audience, Google does not want to scare buyers with complex interfaces are very dull, boring hours, but as demand increases futuristic, the device is activated and leads to the idea of ​​developers.

The latest update now has three dials: pieces together and under armor. Face “bit” for a circuit that a number of things, such as text, so add unread emails, calls, weather forecast and calendar events are carefully placed in the digital to analogue clock missed. “Together” is the clock in your clipboard personal design, where you can share photos, doodles and emoji. Another look at the use fitness makes “Under Armour” Faces personal trainer SmartWatch and not wait to go easy on you. It allows users to organize exercises, and calculates the distance traveled several steps and calories burned, while participating in this activity. Three Android smart watches on the market today is LG Urban Moto 360 and Samsung Gear 2 at random.

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