My Son Moved in with Me

My son told me that he wanted to come and live with me for his high school years. He was not happy with the school district that he lived in, and he knew that the one in my area would help him get into the college of his choice. I really admired that he knew this so early on in his life, and I was also grateful that his mom did not mind since I don’t live that far from them. I did know that I would need to look at 2 bedroom apartments in Newark DE because there just was not enough room in the one I was living in. I decided to see if there were any at the complex I was at since I am really happy here. The only problem is that it was a one bedroom apartment, and I needed something bigger. When I looked at the floor plans for some of the other apartments, I was really surprised. I should not have been because I already know that it is a complex that wants the residents to feel as comfortable as possible. There were two different styles of two bedroom apartments. While both were nice, I definitely wanted the bigger one because it has a den in it. I work from home a lot, and I usually just worked from the dining room table before. Having this den would be the perfect opportunity to have a home office, which would benefit both of us. I decided to give my son the master bedroom since it is bigger and he would be able to put his own desk in there since I doubted he would want to work in the same space as me. There is a deck as well, plus the living room and dining room are huge. It is just a much nicer apartment, and I am glad that I get to see my son every day now!

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