If this message is actually the FBI

If this message is actually the FBIThis warning FBI?

So you lose control of your computer; nothing except a message saying that you have some sort of illegal porn on your computer, so the FBI closed the race. It tells you about the possibility of opening up paying $ 200,300 USD, computers and frees you from evil or to do nothing and monitored by the FBI.

If this message is actually the FBIIt really is this warning from the FBI?

Impossible. This is a total fraud.

The FBI is not interested in your computer, unless of course, you must offer something different from a federal investigation. Pay “good” has nothing to do to unlock the computer. They are always blocked computer and only a few hundred dollars poorer.

So what do you do to get rid of this ransomware? This type of malware is very difficult to get rid of. You need to come get rid of the services of an experienced computer technician.

If this message is actually the FBIThe bad part is that you hire someone to fix it but the good news is that if you are someone who the scammers to try to find, would solve the cost well below $ 300, which attempted Ransom rob you.

Once it is confirmed, you should consider a few things to do to avoid other infections like. These tips should really be part of the daily practice of being every Windows user, because there are so many viruses, malware and even other ransomware.

So you must:

* Install a good antivirus program to scan and put it on your computer once a day (I always go for the night when I sleep). I use it regularly avast! Free Edition, which did not disappoint. If you are eager to buy something, Kaspersky is a good product.

If this message is actually the FBI* Buy Anti-Malware Malwarebytes’. You can use it for free, but only for the on-demand scan. The paid version is interactive with Windows to catch the malware when it comes later rather than keeping required.

* A good Internet hygiene. I mean the old standard advice. Do not click on links in emails from people you do not know. Be very wary correspondence of the company asks for personal information. If If this message is actually the FBIyou have an e-mail from a business that you start with a production company to a foreign application, make sure that email is really from the company. Call the 800 number or send a request for them. Through its site Giveaway a sign that the nature of the email is clearly wrong spelling and grammar. This is often an indication that the e-mail appears in a country where English is a second language.

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