DNA Is the Best Hard Drive

DNA Is the Best Hard Drive on EarthDNA product is the best on earth storage medium. There is no such thing. Think about it, all the statements you made for small proteins that are difficult to see even with a microscope stored. The human genome (all of this direction control their eye color, hair color, height, skin) contains 25,000-30,000 genes. This is a lot of information in the lower part of the microscopic gathers.

DNA Is the Best Hard Drive on EarthLet us perspective, how can take a lot of information on DNA? Consider this fact: an herb DNA may contain the same amount of information, for example, 14,000 to Blu-ray! (One gram is the amount of trombone) What’s even more remarkable is the time that data can be stored in the DNA. In 2008, scientists have found a human femur stranded beside a river in Siberia. Six years later, the bones were finally analyzed to determine how old it really was. Apparently, it was 45,000 years ago by a man who lived and died. DNA is actually still preserved in the fossil, confirmed her age.

DNA Is the Best Hard Drive on EarthTherefore, it is a material capable of capturing a bewildering array of data for a long ridiculously. Remember to include your own DNA thousands of genes that are all now part of who you are. But DNA is not only useful as you develop, it can actually crack the code to know who you are, either. Genetic testing for genealogy and descent and others who can help you find the natural strength of your body, when it comes to fitness. Science still decode the complex task of how their proteins with each other, so it is fair to say there is much more to make your code than anything else materialized.

DNA Is the Best Hard Drive on EarthHowever, DNA is also sensitive to the environment and can, after a period of time. All these little space environment on genetic armor could time about their health. For this reason, it is important to back up and store your DNA, as well as data that will keep safely on your hard drive. Your DNA sample can be saved early in its purest form and may be useful for medical advances in the coming years.

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