Computer Virus can Removal Process That Works

This process will erase all major viruses that are downloaded to your Windows computer.

Computer Virus can Removal Process That WorksStep 1 – Download and Install

There are two computer virus removal program that is very good and we are free to use. Download and install this program on your desktop.

* Malwarebytes

* CCleaner

You should not pay for it – there is no need of the free version, the update is offered.

Step 2 – Safe Mode

Restart the computer in Safe Mode.

For most Windows systems, you can use the F8 key to safe mode to access the menu when you restart.

Computer Virus can Removal Process That WorksHow: Click Start, select Restart. After the computer / laptop is turned off and again, immediately press the F8 key, again and again, even if the computer beeps makes F8. This should lead to a menu asking if you want to start in safe mode.

If that does not work, you can still get a hard reboot – consumes energy when the computer is on. If you use a laptop, you must remove power and the battery right away. This should force Safe Mode from the menu.

Computer Virus can Removal Process That WorksStep 3 – Run Program & Reboot

Once running without Malwarebytes and CCleaner safe mode. One by one. If the program can not get the virus, other programs are.

After both programs in Safe Mode, restart your computer and the virus must be removed. It was very easy – 3 steps!

Now, it is advisable that you remove this program right after the virus is gone. You should always download the latest version of the site, if you catch the new virus.

Computer Virus can Removal Process That Works* Bonus – Free Anti Virus program

You can use the free AVG antivirus program to stop hoping download other viruses in the future. It is very important to regularly update your anti-virus program, like the thousands of new viruses are created every day.

* Tip

You can at any time to create a guest account and going to download a virus on your computer without your permission.

Computer Virus can Removal Process That WorksThey are the best defense against the virus. Spam email will not hurt you as long as you do not open the link in the email. Keep your antivirus software updated as often as the thousands of new viruses are released every day. Once we have removed the virus using this method is recommended to remove virus removal program and download a new one if you feel the need to re-use this process.

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