CISSP and Your Paycheck

CISSP and Your PaycheckSANS Institute estimated in 2005 that IT professionals with CISSP certification is not only acquiring more than those who paid a college degree, but also in relation to other IT professionals with certifications. Magazine created by the certification of the survey data show that holding the CISSP certification has led to salary increases 5-30 percent is expected. were reported on the basis of a survey of about 4,000 people in the IT industry in 2015 that the salary range of an analyst of information security $ 59.000 to 117,000.00 as officials Information Security made between $ 79,000 and $ 139,000.00. The range for the security architect is $ 91.000 to 154,000.00 and $ 68.000 to 142,000.00 Director of Information Security. Salaries range from $ 68.000 to 132,000.00 for safety engineers.

The same survey showed that the average salary of a web designer is $ 28.000 to 73,000.00. Basic salary ranges from $ 30.000 to 68,000.00 and zero premium to about US $ 5,000.00. Profit sharing also varies according to the work of the company a minimum of $ 493.16 to a maximum of only US $ 10,000.00. Rates range from zero to about US $ 5,000.00. People with CISSP average architecture 136,000.00 $ per year in 2009 after certification, while the average salary for the CISSP management ISM credentials is $ 134,000.00 per year.

Network administrators have a variety of responsibilities and seniority, and worked in various business and institutional frameworks; so that the annual fee they have a choice. Infosec Institute estimates that the average salary for network administrators is approximately US $ 85,000.00 per year, although it may provide office support only $ 30,000.00 per year. This is the same estimate of the lead agency for network administrators with advanced features, to US $ 120,000.00 to one year and experts for specific operating systems, ranging from rising wages and probably pays better . Linux network administrators earn about $ 73,000.00, while the Cisco network administrator ordered $ 85,000.00 and network administrators with EMC2 receive about $ 92,000.00 per year.

CISSP certified network architects can look at the six-figure income, an average of $ 108,000.00 after the rate. Salary in 2014-2015 is estimated at $ 77,000 to about US $ 153,000.00 per year, with prices ranging up to US $ 20,000.00 and the different parts of the benefit of $ 1500.00 to 22000.00. Almost all network architects reported generous medical benefits, dental and others, and not surprisingly, very happy with network architects surveyed rate their remuneration.

In all these professionals CISSP exam is an important determinant of salaries and allowances of experience, seniority and position. IT professionals in large urban areas or areas with a high concentration of companies and institutions security requirements are much easier and the generous compensation and experience on different operating systems or CISSP in special parts and a longer experience in the use and work in a much better salary. It is generally accepted that the CISSP credential may have better remuneration for work, and can also contribute to greater job security.

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