Choosing the next support IT Company

Choosing the next support IT CompanyThis can be quite a difficult task to choose the right service for IT support for your business.

Here are some questions to ask before hiring:

1. What is the geographic area, the company must meet?

If your company is distributed in various countries or cities, has the power company that provides services to see all these places.

2. To provide the amount of the company’s support

It is not unusual for different companies that offer IT service support levels, based on the budget and needs. He can be:

• Pay-as-you-go support: In this case you are asked to pay by the hour or a flat fee. In general, this arrangement works expensive.

• Support Break-Fix: This can be on an hourly basis and paid in advance or later, after work is done. It can also be paid regularly at the end of each quarter or semester, once a year, either.

• Support services run: In this case, the company aggressively support the monitoring of your system would be for any eventuality to minimize bad. Generally, this is equivalent to a signature of the annual maintenance contract.

• Support including parts: this type of support means the company for a free replacement / repair of hardware components. This supports an expensive proposition for the company, and very few can provide any type of support.

Choosing the next support IT Company3. The company guarantees a response?

Found in some effort, support for holding within a certain period of time, which must be guaranteed as. This will be the level of support they are willing to pay varies. Also, sometimes it can take longer than the expected time for companies to find the exact and correct an error.

4. Receive a special administrator account?

The company is to undertake aware of its business strategy and action to reduce the consumption of your computing needs. It is not too much to expect permanently with one or two contacts.

5. Will you engineers?

It’s a bit much to expect that you are dealing with the same technician at any time. The company has a number of engineers in different areas, so that any problems are dealt with professionally. It is possible, however, when a company is necessary amount of natural hand.

6. How to obtain support in case of emergency?

Although rare, there are computer problems. It was a very frustrating experience if you are not able to get the right people who can help you in such circumstances, with respect. Some companies have a separate phone line, which means it is available to receive your call for this purpose one person, at any time, while others offer an online support contract, and nobody else has an email message system directly supports.

7. Rebates

Do not hesitate to ask for a discount. You should expect a discount, especially since the signing of a long-term contract.

8. Cancellation

Spending time with the terms and conditions of all, especially those who are. The contract and the period of one month’s notice is sufficient to cancel; Be careful if it goes further. This allows you to cancel the agreement quickly, can be found in the expected value of services

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