Choosing Notaking Apps to Replace Evernote

Most Mac users are complaining about the Evernote service they subscribe to. Evernote is actually a great app. Many users are enjoying great experience in organizing and creating notes in the cloud. However, most desktop clients think that this app does not perform a good job on their desktop. In consequence, they cannot organize their blog or web contents smoothly. If you suffer similar problem, then you can download an Evernote alternative.

There are many Evernote alternatives that you can download. However, you must make sure that the note organizer can work excellently in cloud, Mac, and other OS platform. When you are looking for this kind of app, you must consider several things. You must choose one which is designed solely for Evernote. Therefore, you can get the best advantage from the two apps. This special app will surely support your Evernote files so that you can create and organize notes in the way you wanted. It will also enable you to access your notes in Evernote accounts. Therefore, you can synchronize them via the alternative app.

Another thing that you must consider is the features. The noteaking app you choose must have all the features you need. Since you are going to use it as your Evernote replacement, then it must have Evernote service support and Yinxiang Biji Support. The notaking app that has those two features is Alternote. This app is an excellent notaking app which is supported by Evernote. This app enables you to create notes and organizing them with ease. If you like write down your life experience and ideas at night, then you can activate the night mode from this app. This mode will enable you to create long notes without making your eyes tired. This app offers you with hidden text styling feature that won’t distract your attention while organizing your notes.

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