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How to save money by building your own PCBuild Your Own PC is the passion of many gamers and geeks decades – the search for a new hardware version, compare the specifications, performance and bang for the buck is always a part of the PC world.

But taken by the company to be more efficient with their production of computers, as well as a new exclusive contract between the dealer and developer of computer parts, always be worth your own PC, rather than Simply purchase a prefabricated building?

While the question is valid, and there are cases where the purchase of a pre-PC can be the right choice, the fact remains that, as far as price goes, it will probably still cheaper to build your own PC at least, the future.

How to save money by building your own PCExactly how you can save money by building your own PC?

There are many factors that determine how much you really need to spend on a PC, it is not the last (of course) is that the main use for them.

Basically, there are three key areas of the PC. Although perhaps a lot of material variations that allows the three main levels, which are often rented by connecting computer experts:

How to save money by building your own PC1. Work Tasks/internet/Office.

The most demanding PC for jobs that do not really require a lot of resources are used, will be unveiled at the lowest cost. In this case, the PC is a few hundred dollars, but of course there are factors to consider as well.

You must realize that the old technology is very fast, and what tasks like surfing the web or working with Office programs can be a challenge in the future. So if you buy a PC that already out-of-date hardware, you have a lot sooner than you want to update.

Recommended Specifications

You really do not need to spend on expensive motherboard actually a simple Intel HD graphics card is more than enough for a movie or something.

But investment in the i3 or i5 Intel is a good idea, because it is just, everything is much more effective. Because RAM is very cheap, there is no reason why you can not get 6GB of RAM, but you probably will not need much.

Finally Solid State Drive (SSD) of the PC industry is a revolution is one of the key elements of the computer at this time because much of the loading speed.

Potential Savings

In the market for low-end PCs, PC as well as your own savings may not be significant – many businesses to buy in bulk pieces of pieces of old computers and are able to sell at a relatively low price. Of course, if you dig, find great deals and save.

How to save money by building your own PC2.Mid-range gaming/entertainment PC

The next step is a PC, this may have been only a few years for high-end PCs, but now succumbed to the ever increasing demands of the latest versions and the hottest games. Of course, you can always use it to play most games, but also for the most demanding, graphics configurations only medium available.

Recommended Specifications

If you want to play, the first thing a graphics card – many shops with key PC hand trying to pass NVidia GT graphics card as a card game, but they have really no chance against the current game so if you are more comfortable for the game, you should always look at the graphics card NVidia GTX. You can also find a series of AMD Radeon R9. Some budget graphics cards with a lot of bang for the buck

As for other specifications, Intel i7 is always good, but as far as the game goes on, it does not justify a very large impact on rising prices. SSD is also a must, and could 8GB of RAM is a good idea too.

Potential Savings

PC gaming is a huge market, and even in high school, Jack often keep the price significantly, so that when you put together your own PC, you can often save up to 30 percent, if not more.

How to save money by building your own PC3. High-end gaming PC

If you buy a PC, no matter what crazy-realistic graphics PC with the latest technology for the game, the only viable option that you encounter.

Recommended Specifications

If you want the best, you have to pay for it, and there’s no way to play the best game in the top graphic mode, you may need to invest in one of the latest models NVidia GTX are not cheap.

An i7 processor also featured on this level, as well as 8 or even 16 GB of RAM. Also, consider both SSD and optical drives to store because you will increase your opportunities, because these games can take a lot of space!

Potential Savings

Although the PC kit can be more than a thousand dollars, the savings compared to buying a pre-made in a store is also very important. Up to 40-50 percent as a high-end PC games often cost up to $ 2000.

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