Best tips to avoid phishing attacks

Best tips to avoid phishing attacksBesides the fact that the right tools in place, companies must know how to play a role in the safety of its employees of the information. Employees have the confidence and the general recognition that the success of a violation of corporate security. One way information protected hackers phishing means.

Phishing aim is to collect confidential information with the intention to use this information to access other protected form of data networks, etc. An attacker is to get success depends on trust with their victims to build. We live in the digital age, and the collection of information has become much easier, because we are well above the diving dumpster.

There are various phishing techniques used by attackers that may affect the organization and its employees. Common phishing techniques, including:

Best tips to avoid phishing attacks• Treat the download link in an email asking employees to sites that are not secure, confidential information.

• installation of Troy through malicious attachments in email or sight, allowing the intruder to use loopholes and get confidential information.

• Spoofing emerged return address in an email as a reliable source and asking for sensitive information.

• Try to obtain information about the company on the phone by a known company identity provider or IT department.

Best tips to avoid phishing attacksTo protect yourself against phishing attacks, companies can follow these steps:

1. Inform employees and provide training with a simulated phishing scenario.

2. Create a spam filter, virus detects the sender is empty, etc.

3. Keep all systems with the latest patches and security updates.

4. Install antivirus solution, plan your signature updates and monitor the antivirus status of all devices.

Best tips to avoid phishing attacks5. Develop security policies, including but not limited to, the expiration of the term and limited complexity.

6. Ask Web filter to block dangerous websites.

7. encrypt all sensitive data.

8. The simple text messaging conversion HTML e-mail or disable HTML email.

9. encryption for employees who telework.

The company can protect certain measures against phishing attacks entering the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data at risk. You need to keep a pulse on the latest phishing strategy and ensure that eliminate the current policy of threats and security as they evolve. It is also important to ensure that employees understand the nature of the attack that the risks of these attacks may face and how to solve them. Employees are guaranteed correct information and is essential to protect your business against phishing attacks.

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