ASP.NET and efficiency in application development

ASP.NET and efficiency in application developmentIf an ASP.NET Web development platform that enables developers to quickly build powerful, scalable, interactive websites and Internet applications. Microsoft recently released a completely revised version of this technology with a number of new features and improvements. Besides being open source and cross-platform, ASP.NET 5 allows developers to create high performance applications for both Internet and cloud. Developers can also use the new features to take the time and effort to reduce modern applications.

ASP.NET with 5 will accelerate the development of modern applications?

Cross-Platform Runtime

Microsoft has been completely revised with ASP.NET support for cross-platform. This means that the call on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. During the execution, the programmer has the ability of three different maturities, Full.NET CLR CLR CLR core and multi-platform choice. Full.NET CLR is the default runtime for Visual Studio projects, while the elegant Core CLR runtime and modular clouds and optimized. At the same time, cross-platform CLR is the runtime support for Linux applications devilry and Mac OS X


5 ASP.NET developers can use a single framework for basic Web Forms, MVC and Web API. An integrated framework called MVC core 6. Thus, developers can now MVC 6, the application, the characteristics of three different programming environments through use. Just frame the possibility of further eliminate duplication or overlap the peculiarities of different programming environments. Developers can use a common framework continued to write code to avoid.

Cover easy deployment

As already mentioned, only 5 ASP.NET enables developers to create applications on the Web and the cloud. Visual Studio 2015, the web.config file will the new setting of the changed configuration system. Thus, projects can be configured execution of the cloud from the beginning. The new configuration system environment may be reminded developers to request XML, JSON, environment variables and other sources. Developers can set the value for each environment and accuracy values ​​after deployment. At the same time, they can also use the diagnostic tool and browse the factors that affect application performance in the cloud.

ASP.NET and efficiency in application developmentAgile Development Environment

ASP.NET development professionals dedicated to Visual Studio development experience and 2,015 slightly improved. You do not have to build the project according to changes in the code. You can save changes to the code, and then update the web browser to see the changes. Programmers should also be possible to simplify coding by integrating the code editor with the project.

Increased HTTP pipeline application

The latest version of ASP.NET comes with a new HTTP query string. In addition to being lean and fast, even new HTTP request modular pipe. This allows developers to add that application components necessary. Option makes it easier for them to optimize application performance by reducing the costs of the HTTP pipeline request.

Flexible accommodation

This application can be used more flexible. Users have the opportunity to submit the application or set the IIS host. Since hosting is more dependent on the installation of.NET system, the application works correctly on the device or the platform hosting. Developers can choose to implement host the most convenient and simple, it designs.

Dependency management is simplified

During the execution of the application, the programmer can specify dependencies in the deployment package. Thus, they can easily throughout of.NET uses a special version of the application. You can continue to work with the dependencies in a simple way, without adding a reference installation projects. Instead of adding a set of dependencies reference project effectively manage via Nuget reference packet. You can always add and edit Nuget together without any problems.

If an open source development framework 5 ASP.NET web application can be used by companies without increasing the project cost. At the same time, developers should be able this version of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Thus, the programmer can be the latest version modern applications without requiring additional time and effort.

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