Acceptable Use Policy for Network security

Most people seem to understand what a firewall is and why it is so important. They intuitively understand that they must call something “incredible” between the internal computer and our internet of the wild west! Installing a firewall is to create something generally all companies, wireless networks at a local cafe in law Acceptable Use Policy for Network securitymedium sized firms and large multinational corporations with distributed locations. Barbarians at the front door, but the firewall that we all feel protected! Most cyber security risks, but it does not come through the front door and firewall you will ever go. The biggest threat to the security of your network against employees and customers are allowed, wired or wireless connected to your corporate network.

Acceptable Use Policy for Network securityIf Cisco Certified Security Professional, we do a lot of work in the field of computer network security. When relying on “security audit”, “voice preparation” or “network assessment” to the first question we ask management where AUP you? Finally, we can say that the protocols on your network, and even users consume bandwidth. But we can not say whether they have the right to use this band! Creation of “Acceptable Use Policy” (ie AUP) is an important first step in network security . UPA is available to all users of the network, which is supported and that allows network applications. It describes what is in the field of personal email, blogs, file sharing, web hosting, instant messaging, music and video streaming is acceptable. It defines what activities are strictly prohibited on the network and to clearly explain what the “excessive.” The computer is a valuable asset of the company and must be assessed as such, protected and guaranteed.

Acceptable Use Policy for Network securityAccess Authentication Is your corporate network and politics? What is the policy of “forgotten”? Once you have the “password” to use the corporate network? Someone can just come put your phone, pad, computer or device you happen to have a corporate network? Data storage and retention policy? This VPN tunnels that extend your corporate network for home office or coffee? You allow users to third parties that provide the device to your wireless network? What Bob will be accepted, so he put a shot in his office printer network itself? How we feel like Bob combines a wireless access point? We have a network of “guest” and let people know what is acceptable in your network?

Acceptable Use Policy for Network securityWhat are the legal implications and liability for you if you have a computer in the affected lease? You are responsible for damages when the network computer is unavailable or “for any reason? If the security of the country will display your company’s public IP address was recognized as the origin of deal with terrorism is necessary to examine the cost-cutting agreement made its users, defends name and reputation?

Acceptable Use Policy for Network securityNetwork security is a firewall. A computer with the Ebola virus, adware or malicious RAT (Remote Access Terminal) will infect all the computers in your network, your company’s data at risk and making your firewall as useful as a screen Fly on submarines. If your company has a prudent step human resources or employee handbook taken from the company’s position on workplace violence, sexual harassment, vacation mantra of competence and deliver drugs work, why not acceptable use of user-defined evaluating large companies, computer network?

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