8 largest real estate investment software program

If you think that real estate investing is the same as for any other business and you need help, then you are absolutely wrong. Before investing in real estate, you should start with a utility. Here is a list of some of the best real estate investment software.

8 largest real estate investment software program1. MS Excel

For people who want to build a model, MS Excel provides functions for detailed analysis of real estate. Most of the software in the industry based on MS Excel. Financial instruments of the face NPV, IRR, and more calculated to help.

2. Real Data

It provides software investments in two versions. It is really based on Excel.

A. Reveal for small portfolios

B. professional for all income

The actual data Professional Edition compare the individual units and a combined income of different property types.

 real Bench3. REI Wise

Software is the commercial real estate investment in the cloud. This bath leaders, including investment and modeling leasing and financial marketing tools. As a software real estate investor who has a trading platform with a virtual agreement and a documentation center.

4. Argus Software

It provides enterprise-class tools for commercial real estate organizations. The main features include assessment, asset management, leasing management and portfolio management. Budgeting and co-extensive resources to support the workflow of your team.


This is an Excel ™ application, especially for PCs, for serious investors. property analysis software is available in three versions, beginner investors and help the owners of some buildings. The software includes ICalculator investments, market value and cash flow.

6. CREmodel

This is an inexpensive software for small and medium investors. Calculating IRR, cash in exchange for money and ROI. This is an Excel template that works on Mac and Windows.

 real Bench7. real Bench

The real estate investment software for Windows and Mac is made, shows the red and green results. Enter the information of the property and the software will evaluate the coverage of debt and multiplying the gross income. Report Multi-richness of the application can easily compare different properties.

8. Reality Analytics

This software has the ability to analyze a potential investment in commercial properties, residential and commercial, and build a plan to use to obtain financing. The software supports the experts of the surf industry based on Excel.

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